Automotive – An Indispensable Asset to Human Life

The invention of automotives have greatly affected the world in terms of transportation, construction, business, economy, etc., and overall day to day living of every individual around us. The street today widely consists of all kinds of vehicles from small scooters, small cars to big trucks and all of them consists variety of applications that almost always affects our day to day life. From the moment we step out of our house all we normally notice are those amazing inventions of human technology we all know as automotives. But how can each one of us appreciate these inventions? Let us take a look at our world today and compare it to the world we can just imagine without automobiles and see some facts on how their existence affects our lives.Nowadays, almost all of our activities are dependent on vehicles. Take for example the mode of transportation we are enjoying every day, the train, jeep, taxi, the bus, even golf carts and bump cars which are not that famous are still affecting our lives in some way. The invention of the wheel ages ago could only have initiated this trend of amazing human accomplishment. That must have been the trigger to the invention of automobiles, wheels today as we know it have also had its share of advancement in its technology according to the application it is made for, it could be the wheels of a bulldozer, a truck, or it could just become golf cart wheels for all we know, but the manufacturing process of each defines an excellent display of technological brilliance the human brain can come up with.Automotives have now become an indispensable asset to human life as we know it. Its applications cover up things that we never thought could affect us and in a way that we would never imagine it to. I might as well be talking about all kinds of things around us, like the furniture you just bought, the television, your computer, and even those ez go parts we have for our golf carts. Imagine how hard it could possibly be to import and export the raw materials to manufacture these things, not to mention all the stuff that made it possible to manufacture them like the machines, lights, and all sorts of things you can find in the factory.The contribution of automotives to our daily lives just astounds us in practically considering all the things that we have to do without them. Without automotives and its industrial applications, we would be back to those dull black and white ages, how sad it would be for us then, I pictured how much they labored in building the pyramid and the Great Wall of China, how they have drawn out their strength to lift and transport those huge boulders and bricks. It just makes me realize how much thankful we ought to be for the existence of automobiles in our lives, may it be for the transportation of all kinds of stuffs including transportation of people that it provides us or just the mere fun it brings to us in sports or in recreation. Automotives have made its marks on our hearts, and we are thankful to God for the blessing.