Automotive – An Indispensable Asset to Human Life

The invention of automotives have greatly affected the world in terms of transportation, construction, business, economy, etc., and overall day to day living of every individual around us. The street today widely consists of all kinds of vehicles from small scooters, small cars to big trucks and all of them consists variety of applications that almost always affects our day to day life. From the moment we step out of our house all we normally notice are those amazing inventions of human technology we all know as automotives. But how can each one of us appreciate these inventions? Let us take a look at our world today and compare it to the world we can just imagine without automobiles and see some facts on how their existence affects our lives.Nowadays, almost all of our activities are dependent on vehicles. Take for example the mode of transportation we are enjoying every day, the train, jeep, taxi, the bus, even golf carts and bump cars which are not that famous are still affecting our lives in some way. The invention of the wheel ages ago could only have initiated this trend of amazing human accomplishment. That must have been the trigger to the invention of automobiles, wheels today as we know it have also had its share of advancement in its technology according to the application it is made for, it could be the wheels of a bulldozer, a truck, or it could just become golf cart wheels for all we know, but the manufacturing process of each defines an excellent display of technological brilliance the human brain can come up with.Automotives have now become an indispensable asset to human life as we know it. Its applications cover up things that we never thought could affect us and in a way that we would never imagine it to. I might as well be talking about all kinds of things around us, like the furniture you just bought, the television, your computer, and even those ez go parts we have for our golf carts. Imagine how hard it could possibly be to import and export the raw materials to manufacture these things, not to mention all the stuff that made it possible to manufacture them like the machines, lights, and all sorts of things you can find in the factory.The contribution of automotives to our daily lives just astounds us in practically considering all the things that we have to do without them. Without automotives and its industrial applications, we would be back to those dull black and white ages, how sad it would be for us then, I pictured how much they labored in building the pyramid and the Great Wall of China, how they have drawn out their strength to lift and transport those huge boulders and bricks. It just makes me realize how much thankful we ought to be for the existence of automobiles in our lives, may it be for the transportation of all kinds of stuffs including transportation of people that it provides us or just the mere fun it brings to us in sports or in recreation. Automotives have made its marks on our hearts, and we are thankful to God for the blessing.

Tips & Strategies To Successful Automotive Sales

I am amazed at how many automotive salespeople earn an average or below average income in one of the highest paid professions. A big problem I notice is their attitude. The average salesperson has so much negativity that they feed that on to their customers when they are selling. Your customers can sense negativity.At the same time, your customers can feel a positive vibe as well. And that is exactly what you need to feed on to your customers when you are in the process of selling a vehicle. But what is more alarming is that most dealership does very little to motivate the salesperson.If you are an average salesperson, I want you to ask yourself one question. How many hours in a full work day do you really work? Most of you will say, –Well I get in at around 9 in the morning and I leave at about 8 at night. So that is about 11 hours.–Now I know it may look as if you are really working 11 hours (or something similar), but ordering lunch, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and hanging out in the huddle with other non-productive salespeople does not count as working. Now if you redo the math, chances are you only work about an hour or two at the most a day.Now, you can always look at this as a numbers game. If you only sell about 10 vehicles a month working only an hour or two, then you would need to work about four hours a day to sell 20 vehicles. Playing the numbers game is okay, but true superstars in the car business play the numbers game as well as mastering selling techniques to increase their income.By the way, if you want a free e-book entitled –Discover 50 Automotive Sales Techniques to blast you income through the roof– then go to It is one of the few places that you can find proven, no B.S true automotive sales tips and strategies.I just want you to realize that if you put more productivity in your selling career, I guarantee you success. So stop letting negativity ware you down. Every one has problems. But when you come to work leave your problems outside at the curb. If you want, when you are done working, you can just pick up all your problems from the curb and take them home. Because I am sure no one else will pick them up.I wish you a ton of success and have a great selling day,Your automotive sales mentor,Mak

Sources to Get Quality Online Leads for Automotive Dealers

Are you still placing ads in newspapers or billboards and waiting for people to show up at your dealership? Do you have a nice website but are unable to get quality leads? Is your competitor grabbing all the prospective buyers in your market? Then it is the time to rethink on your marketing strategy.We all know that there are a limited number of potential car buyers in the market. Now the question is, how do you direct these potential car buyers to your dealership? Though consumers like to physically inspect a car before purchasing, it is the Internet they approach first in their car buying process. Needless to say is how dramatically the Internet has changed the car buying process – almost 90 percent of consumers use the Internet to research vehicles (source: ‘Capgemini Cars Online Study 2009/2010’). The survey also states that many consumers today are starting their research on vehicles with search engines, then moving to manufacturer and dealer sites.So, it is very important for the auto dealers to have a solid internet marketing strategy; which includes automotive SEO, PPC, Email campaigns and automotive social media marketing media to get quality online leads and stay ahead of their competitors. A well planned internet marketing strategy enables you to access a wide number of potential customers, which then translates in to huge sales.Simply put, investing in the website design is not enough. Proper care and nurturing its performance should be the top priority of an automotive dealer. It is very important to make sure that your website is ranking on the first page of all the major search engines in order to get highly qualified, exclusive leads to your website.Sources to get quality leads
As a smart auto dealer, you should embrace all that the Internet offers. In order to survive, sustain and succeed in today’s competitive environment, you should take advantage of all the tools that are available; such as SEO, PPC advertising, e-mail campaigns, and an aggressive social media marketing strategy.SEO
Automotive SEO is one of the major sources, which provides quality online leads for your dealership. A solid automotive SEO strategy lists your website among the top rankings for all your keywords. Ranking on the first page of the search engines makes your website credible, which in turn provides more traffic, more quality leads and eventually more sales. Proper optimization of home and inside pages brings up all the content related to services and products you offer – making it easy for the customers to know about your services.PPC
Pay Per Click advertising involves purchasing sponsored links on the top of page of a search engines. These campaigns can generate instant sales to your dealership if used within the right context. PPC attracts highly targeted traffic to your dealership based on the keywords you have selected. An important aspect of a PPC campaign is that they can be launched quickly, which ensures that you get quality leads in no time.Email campaigns
E-mail marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods that generate quality leads. Email campaigns increase sales, downloads, inquiries, registrations and overall sales. Through email campaigns, dealers can contact potential customers on a regular basis, increase customer loyalty by sending newsletters or other information related to products or services they offer. Through email marketing, dealers can target large number of customers with minimal budgets. In short, it is a cost effective, highly responsive and opportunistic medium to generate quality leads.Social media marketing
Millions of people are using social platforms like Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis nowadays. It is one of the latest and the fast growing marketing base today. High-quality social media content can raise brand awareness and consideration levels. It can also change customer perceptions of a brand. Social media marketing improves your dealership’s reputation online and thus provides quality leads.Automotive dealers can get quality online leads using Search Engine Optimization along with the other three campaigns mentioned above. But even today, many auto dealers are still not embracing these highly effective marketing campaigns because they either fail to understand them or they think that it is time consuming and difficult to implement. If you are one from them, it is very important for you to approach a reputed internet marketing firm that specializes in helping automotive dealers, to get quality leads that result in sales opportunities.